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Pre-Potted Amaryllis Red Peacock

Huge, deep red, double with an exquisite white centerline.

‘Red Peacock’ Amaryllis have fabulous trumpet shaped double flowers of brilliant red with some of the petals uniquely marked with a thin white line.  Multi petalled flowers are approx. 8” across & will bloom in approx. 8-10 weeks at a mature height of approx. 20–24”.

When you receive your pre-potted Amaryllis open immediately and remove from packaging.  Place the pot with your pre-potted bulb in the sink and water thoroughly, making sure water drains out of the holes in the bottom.  Next, place your pre-potted Amaryllis in a bright and warm spot in your home with the saucer placed under the pot.  Sit back and enjoy watching your Amaryllis grow and then finally blooming bringing bright colors into your warm winter home.

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Additional information

Amaryllis are foolproof bloomers that perform in most indoor conditions. After bloom, continue to grow as a “green” plant and can later be rebloomed the following year.

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 12 in
Pot Color

Vintage Red, Brushed Champagne, Gold