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Amaryllis Orange Sovereign

Large, Brilliant tangerine-orange blooms.

‘Orange Sovereign’ Amaryllis have spectacular orange blooms that boast up to 8” across.  These amazing beauties will bloom in approx. 6-8 weeks reaching a mature height of 20-24”.

After planting, cover bulbs with soil, water well, and mulch with shredded leaves. In the spring when the first shoots appear, remove the mulch, sprinkle again with bulb food (Bulb Booster). This will encourage the flowering and also help recharge the bulb for the next year. If the weather is dry, water the bulbs during their growing period.

After flower blooms, cut off flower stalk and allow leaves to store energy strictly to roots for next season’s blooms. Do not allow flowers to create a seed pod, this will take much needed energy away from the bulb for flower production for next year.

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Amaryllis are foolproof bloomers that perform in most indoor conditions. After bloom, continue to grow as a “green” plant and can later be rebloomed the following year.